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You’ll be amazed at NQTS’ Seed Availability

Sugar growers can purchase Leichardt Soybean, Stuart Soybean, A6785 Soybean, Meringa , Caloona & Ebony(PBR) Cowpea, Highworth Dolichos & Rongai Dolichos from their local seed supplier who handles North Queensland Tropical Seeds product.

NQTS’ Leichardt & Stuart (PBR) Soybean are long term favourites

Leichardt & Stuart (PBR) Soybean have been recommended as a rotation/fallow crop in sugarcane farming systems and have performed well in coastal areas and tropical Queensland.

Leichardt Soybean has been specially introduced to the sugar growing areas as a beneficial fallow green manure crop adding as much as 310units of Nitrogen per Hectare. It can also be used for grain production for the crushing market. Leichardt approx. maturity - 135 days.

Stuart (PBR) Soybean is broadly adapted to planting in both wet and dry season in the tropics. It can be grown for green manure but is suitable for grain production as it has a light hilum which should make it suitable for some human consumption markets Stuart (PBR) approx maturity – 126 days.

A6785 is a public variety which is becoming popular in the inland tropical areas and matures in approximately 105 days which suits cane growers who want to plant cane in Autumn.Contractors to Soy Australia for the production of Stuart (PBR) seed, Leichardt Soybean and A6785 are public varieties.

For Best Results

For best results all Soybean varieties should be planted in rows and a pre-emergent herbicide used for weed control. In areas prone to water logging it is also necessary to plant on raised beds or hills to avoid the roots being subjected to prolonged wetness. Cowpea and Dolichos Lablab can also respond well to this method of planting.

Seed quality is very important. Growers should purchase top quality seed, which has a germination of over 85% and has been dried well and stored in cool dry conditions. Seed exposed to high moisture and excessive heat conditions will rapidly deteriorate. Seed should be planted at 25mm-50mm deep into soil. Planting too deep or in to dry soil may affect the germination and result in a poor strike.

Planting Rate

An average seed rate required for Leichardt, A6785 and Stuart(PBR) Soybean is approximately 250,000 to 300,000 plants per hectare. North Queensland Tropical seeds on average, supplies seed with a count of approximately 5000 to 6400 seeds per kilogram. A well grown Soybean seed crop should produce large, quality seed with good vigor. All soybean seed is packed in 25kg bags and labeled with minimum purity, minimum germination and with the number of seeds/kg for calculation the seeding rate. The better the crop is grown the more nitrogen and /or grain production is achievable.

A full seed test is available on request.Planting rates for Dolichos LabLab are 20kg/ha for row planting and 35kg/ha if broadcasted. Planting rates for Cowpea are 25kg/ha for row planting and 40kg/ha if broadcasted.


If soybean has not previously been planted in the proposed paddock, inoculation is essential to ensure the crop nodulates and produces its own nitrogen. One packet of inoculant will coat 100kg of seed. Instructions for application are printed on the inoculant packet. Group H inoculant should be used for soybean, Group J for LabLab and Group I for Cowpea. NQTS carries all groups of inoculant in stock.






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